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PHP Data Types

In this tutorial, we will learn about data types. Complete designed program and tutorials based on PHP 5 latest version.PHP data types like String,  Integer, Float, Boolean, Array, Object, NULL, Resource with examples and real-time run

PHP String

In this tutorial, we will Learn about PHP String. All string function examples are available. Discuss what is PHP string and its functions working.

PHP Constant | Variables & Constants Examples

Constants are like variables but there are many differences between constants and variables. The constant value cannot be changed during execution time.

PHP String Functions

The string functions work on the string that is part of the PHP code. These string functions are readymade PHP functions. You do not need any installation.

PHP Arrays

The array is the collection of similar data items. The array is used for the same data types. The array is a special type of variable that can contain various variables. The array can contain a lot of values in a list.

PHP Index Array

The index array is the array in which values of the array being assigned to an index number. As the name(index array) indicates, the index array has imported the index.

Two Dimensional Array | Multidimensional

The two-dimensional array has rows and columns. The Multidimensional array can contain many arrays inside the array."

PHP Associative Array

Associative Array is a simple and very importable array of PHP. The associative array is used to store in the key-value pair.

PHP Array_merge() Function

The array_merge() function is used to merge two or more array in one Array. If an index value is matching in arrays (two or more) so at the time of merge array value will be overwritten.Array merge function in PHP.