Contribute Articles-

Contribute Articles

Contribute article is the best way to express opinions and experiments through text. This feature helps to improve writing skills and helps another to get valuable content on the internet. This feature is used to contribute an article and improve. Many peoples search for contribute an article to share own tried solutions.

How to contribute articles?

Approval is the most important point. Contribute article feature requires article management. If you want to get approval, you should follow these steps below.

1. Article Title -

An article title should be related to the whole content. You should create an article title with very common keywords.

2. Article Short Description -

Short description refers to the whole content. It is a blueprint of whole content on-page. Create a small article description base on the complete article. You should contribute the short description in 160 characters or 2 to 3 lines.

3. Article Long Description -

This is the main body content. If you are going to contribute to the article , you should write long content. An author expresses through the long content. You should write content in 400 to 2000 words.

4. Contribute Article Tags -

The tags are also the SEO part. Tags also help to rank your content in search engines. Create contribute article tags. You should write 5 to 10 tags separated by commas.