Refund Policy

On this page you will get all the information related to refund policy.

    Important Points

1. Read the details thoroughly before purchasing a service or product.

2. Please check all the screenshots of the product and services

3. View product item demo and review them

4. If the demo video is available, watch it properly.

5. You can discuss product items and services in the discussion section.

Read and understand all these points. All these points will help you. This is for you to ensure that the product item has the functionality and features you expect.

    Terms and Policy

The refund policy is very clear which is very easy to understand.

1.Before claiming the refund, you will have to make an email and describe complete the issue.

2.If there are issues after the purchase or the feature demo shown in the demo, then if we cannot fix that issue then it is processed for refund.


You will have a limit time for the refund. You can claim for refund within 5 days.


You cannot claim a refund if the product item has all the functionality.

5.You cannot claim a refund for a product item you have accidentally purchased.

    How will the refund be processed or in how much time?

1.After reviewing all the things will be processed for refund...

2. Your refund request will be acknowledged within three business days, regardless of the response.

3.Once the refund claim is accepted, it may take a maximum of three business days to initiate the refund payment.

4. The refund will be paid back through the same payment mode using which you made that particular purchase.